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By accessing the website located at the address https://monteverdeequusfarm.com (hereinafter, the "Website"), which is owned by EQUUS FARM MONTEVERDE, (hereinafter Equus Farm Monteverde), domiciled in Monteverde, Costa Rica and/ or any of the pages that can be found through the site, the user assumes the commitment to follow and comply with the terms and conditions that will be indicated below.

By accepting the terms and conditions, you accept the privacy policy, which is an integral part of these.

For Equus Farm Monteverde it is very important to protect the information of our customers and visitors. This document contains our general information and personal data processing policy, and its purpose is to communicate and inform what information we collect and for what purposes, how we use it, when we share it and how we protect it, as well as the rights that assist users. holders of the information and the procedures to exercise them.

The holders of the personal data accept the treatment of their personal data in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy and authorize us to do so in the terms of this policy when they provide the data through the different means or when browsing web pages. This document is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of https://monteverdeequusfarm.com/

By accepting the General Terms and Conditions at the time of registration, you also accept the policies contained herein.

Terms and conditions EQUUS FARM MONTEVERDE

All clients must reserve in advance to verify availability.

All reservations must be paid, the client must present proof of payment to receive the service.

Last minute reservations will be accepted only if there is availability and must pay for the service before the time of service, payment must be credited immediately.

Equus Farm Monteverde follows all the protocols established by the Ministry of Health for proper hygiene and cleanliness. Customers with complaints or symptoms of this, or with a fever will not be able to take the tour for everyone's safety.

Activities are offered in English and Spanish. Shared activities have pre-established schedules.

All reservations must indicate: date, name of the client, passport / ID, language, number of people, age, nationality.

The forms of payment for the services offered by EQUUS FARM MONTEVERDE are by deposit and paypal virtual payments; Payment must be made for 100% of the total amount established, plus taxes.

EQUUS FARM MONTEVERDE does not refund money, all purchases are final.

EQUUS FARM MONTEVERDE upon receipt of the proof of payment provided to the client the itinerary of activities and transportation which must be followed. According to the purchased package.

- Modification notified more than 48 hours before the service = no charge for modification.

- The date modification notice less than 48 hours before departure will be penalized according to the cancellation policies.

- Cancellation notice more than 22 days before the service = no cancellation fee.

- Cancellation notice 15 days before the service including last minute reservations (services reserved within 48 hours) = 100% cancellation charge.

No show = 100% charge for cancellation.

- 10 minutes maximum waiting time at pick-up.

- In case of legal disputes between both parties (travelers / EQUUS FARM MONTEVERDE) both agree to follow the alignment of legal jurisdiction of the Republic of Costa Rica.


The personal data we collect is the following, among others:

a) Name and surname

b) Citizenship card

c) Email

d) Date of birth

e) ID number of either a Costa Rican citizen, residence ID, or passport.

f) Gender

g) Contact phone

h) Information necessary to facilitate the trip or other services, including the name of the user of the electronic platform, contacts in case of an accident or any other contingency.

i) Information required by the representatives of the sales and/or customer relations areas in order to attend to requests or claims.

The provision of our services is not conditioned to the delivery of this sensitive information. According to law 8968 "LAW OF PROTECTION OF THE PERSON AGAINST THE PROCESSING OF THEIR PERSONAL DATA", in regard to the section immersed in said law that deals with SENSITIVE DATA.

All Equus Farm Monteverde databases are stored on a server.

only for storage, security and control purposes. EQUUS FARM MONTEVERDE only uses customer information to transmit it to the service providers contracted by the USER and not to transfer or market it to third parties not related to these services.

The information provided will remain stored for the maximum term necessary to allow us to comply with the legal and/or contractual obligations in our charge, especially in accounting, contractual, fiscal and tax matters or to meet the provisions applicable to administrative, accounting, fiscal, legal and historical information.

We presume the veracity of the information provided and we do not verify, nor do we assume the obligation to verify the veracity, validity, sufficiency and authenticity of the data provided to us. Therefore, we do not assume responsibility for damages and/or losses of any nature that could originate from the lack of veracity, validity, sufficiency or authenticity of the information, including damages and losses that may be due to homonymy or identity theft. . If you provide us with personal information about a person other than yourself, such as your spouse or a co-worker, we understand that you have the authorization of that person to provide us with their data.

By registering and/or browsing our website, our clients, USERS and/or visitors to the page expressly state that they are aware of these policies and accept them, and give their consent for the processing of their information.


If you provide us with personal data, you authorize us to use this information for the purposes indicated in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy, and we will not proceed to transfer or disclose it outside our databases unless:

a) You authorize us to do so

b) It is necessary to allow our contractors, suppliers or agents to provide the services we have entrusted to them

c) Used by us or third parties to provide our products or services to you

d) Is provided to entities that provide marketing services on our behalf or to other entities with which we have joint marketing agreements

e) Is related to a merger, consolidation, acquisition, divestment or other restructuring process

f) As required or permitted by law or for the purposes developed in this privacy policy.

By accepting this Privacy Policy, the owners of the data collected, authorize us to carry out the treatment of the same, partially or totally, including the collection, storage, recording, use, circulation, processing, deletion, transmission and / or transfer to third parties (service providers) of the data provided, for the execution of activities related to the services and products purchased, such as, process, confirm, fulfill and provide the services and / or products purchased, directly and / or with the participation of third-party providers of products or services as well as to promote and advertise our activities, products and services, carry out transactions, make reports to the different national control and surveillance administrative authorities, police authorities or judicial authorities, banking entities and/or companies insurers, for internal and/or commercial administrative purposes such as, invest igation of markets, audits, accounting reports, statistical analysis, making reservations, modifications, cancellations and itinerary changes, attention to queries, complaints and claims, billing of air tickets and other products and services, payment of compensation and indemnities, accounting records, correspondence, processing and verification of credit cards, debit cards and other payment instruments, identification of fraud and prevention of money laundering and other criminal activities and other purposes indicated in this document, among others.

Due to our activity, we are obliged to provide a series of passenger data to the authorities that regulate public land transport, before the departure of the buses or on arrival in each destination city or at any time after execution. the transport contract. As a general rule, the information refers to the identity data of the passengers traveling on board, as well as those contained in their respective travel documents (national identity card, residence identity card, or passport) or in relation to the goods transported.

Additionally, our travelers, customers and USERS, in their capacity as holders of the data collected, by accepting this privacy policy, authorize us to:

Use the information received for marketing its products and services, and the products and services of third parties with whom we have a business relationship.

Provide personal data to the police or judicial control and surveillance authorities, by virtue of a legal or regulatory requirement and/or use or disclose this information and personal data in defense of their rights and/or their assets as soon as said defense has relation to the products and/or services contracted by its clients and users.

Allow access to information and personal data to auditors or third parties hired to carry out internal or external audit processes of the commercial activity that we develop.

Consult and update personal data, at any time, in order to keep said information updated.

Contract with third parties the storage and/or processing of information and personal data for the correct execution of the contracts entered into with us, under the security and confidentiality standards to which we are bound.

Receive electronic communications with advertising and commercial news from https://monteverdeequusfarm.com/ and the products or services that it markets or promotes. https://monteverdeequusfarm.com/ makes available to the USER the means of contact referred to in the previous paragraph so that they may revoke their consent. Children and adolescents who are minors may be USERS of the products and services that we offer, as long as they act through or duly authorized by their parents or by those who have the country of origin.


The sending and remission of data that is carried out by the USER through https://monteverdeequusfarm.com/. o The information that Equus Farm Monteverde collects and processes is protected by electronic security techniques on the network. Likewise, the data provided and stored in our databases are also protected by security systems that prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing them. Equus Farm Monteverde makes its best efforts to have the most up-to-date procedures for the effectiveness of the data. security systems. In this sense, we rely on technological security tools and implement security practices recognized in the industry, which include: transmission and storage of sensitive information through secure mechanisms, such as encryption, use of secure protocols; assurance of technological components, restriction of access to information only to authorized personnel, information backup, safe software development practices, among others.

We have established information security policies, procedures and standards, whose objective is to protect and preserve the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information, regardless of the medium or format where it is found, its temporary or permanent location or the way in which it is stored. it is transmitted.


We may modify at any time the terms and conditions of these privacy and confidentiality policies and/or the practices for sending e-mails. If we decide to make any material changes to our privacy policies, we will notify you on the website and by posting an updated version of the privacy policies. The databases will be valid indefinitely, in accordance with the purposes and uses of the information.